Upgrade your PC FAQ

We offer two options. Do it yourself or we can do it for you!

Do it yourself: 

1. Pick your Bundle

2. Add Items to your order

3. We will check the order and make sure everything should work as expected or make recommendations. 

4. Pay for your order and we will send your bundle. 

Want to upgrade your pc but don`t know how to do it yourself? We now offer full pc upgrades. Choose your bundle, get your pc to us and we will do it for you. We can even help get your old parts sold for some extra cash in your pocket. 

The Process: 

1. Pick your upgrade, add extra items if required. 

2. Place your order

3. We will eveaulte the order and contact you to arrange further details. 

5. Once we have arranged, you can make payment. 

4. Get your pc to us, either by delivering to us or via courier. (Note courier is at your own risk, we can arrange trough our courier, or your can use your courier)

5. We get the parts, do the upgrade and send your newly upgraded pc back to you. This normally takes 2-5 days depending on stock availablity after we have received your pc. 

6. We can sell your old parts if still working, and pay you the money once all the parts are sold. Note we take 15% of the money received to cover our time and effort for selling the parts. 

Please note, all bundles are base options. You can chop and change to anything you prefer. Please contact us if you prefer a different item a bundle and we can build a custom bundle taylored to your choosing!