Mecer Xtreme 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor, 144HZ, Freesync Review
In this review we will be looking at the Mecer Extreme 32” Curved Gaming Monitor. The monitor is aimed at anyone that is looking for a big display, QHD(2K) resolution, 144hz and freesync at a reasonable price.  The monitor was proubly provided by Mustek for this review.
What’s in the Box
Opening the box, we find all accessories on the side of the protective polystyrene covering the screen. Accessories in the box include a Display Port cable, HDMI Cable, Power Cable, Monitor stand, Wall mount brackets and booklets.
The Monitor
First thing we notice when we look at the monitor… ITS MASSIVE! Coming from a 24”, it will take a bit getting used to. The monitor looks and feels amazing, you don`t get that plasticky cheap feel from the monitor at all. The only thing that does feel a little standard is the OSD buttons, but honestly it is not a major concern. The monitor has a nice curve to it which should help deal with the size of the monitor. Looking at the back of the monitor, you have a very simple design. It has 3 red LED`s with a stand “puck” in the middle of the monitor with a button to release the “puck”. Installation of the stand is relatively easy but you do new a Philips screw driver to assemble the stand and fasten it to the puck. But with its easy and simple design, removing the stand again won’t be a nightmare. The monitor comes with wall mount brackets. I have not used these at all, but they seem to be just as easy to install.
The stand is small but feels extremely solid, the only real issue is that the stand is not height adjustable. It does however tilt up and down.

External Connections: Display Port, DVI, HDMI, Power Port.

To me this is most important part of a monitor like this. Personally, I don`t really care what the monitor looks like, its all about the performance and the feeling you get when you use the monitor. I can whole heartedly say this monitor performed above and beyond my expectations. To the point where want to keep this beauty instead of returning after this review is done.
Day to day use
I used this monitor a fair bit for my business and browsing around the internet and so on and I have to say it was a general good experience. Everything is nice and easy to read, did not have to squint at all to see text. The monitor is very bright on default settings but never felt like it hurts my eyes. My eyes are quite sensitive to a point where I struggle to use IPS monitors.
The colour on the monitor is superb. Yes, it’s not an HDR IPS. But I believe on the price tag, it performs extremely well in this regard. The colour is clear and crisp and really stands. I watched some 4K Youtube Nature videos and I was blown away with how natural the colours looked. The monitor also has a nice deep black which makes it stand out clearly and does not look faded at all.
The On-screen display comes up with a black and red box. Had to go through a few settings to get the monitor set to 144hz and with freesync on. I left most of the options default but did change response time and noise reduction to middle. This seemed to work the best for me.
There is the option to use the monitor on two computers. I had a quick look at this but did not really test it as did not have a machine available to perform to test with. I can however say, it cuts the monitor in half, which makes one “monitor” a bit hard to read, but I guess if you played with the settings you could get to a point where it looks fine.
Gaming is where this monitor really comes to life. I played quite of bit of The Division 2 on the monitor and really enjoyed it. I felt like I could see everything better and smoother than my Dell S2419HGF. There was no noticeable frame skipping or stuttering. From slow walking around to fast paced boss battles the monitor kept that smoothness throughout. I moved over to The Witcher 3. The colours of The Witcher 3 showed clearly in the monitor and was a great experience. It feels that the curve of the monitor brings the image slightly closer and you don`t have to move your head as much as you probably would with a flat monitor of this size. The monitor made me think back to my days of playing competitive Battlefield 3/4. I really wish I had this monitor back then which made me install BF3 again to try them out and just to see what it would have felt like. My initial impression is everything looked so big and easy to see. I ran through a couple TDM games and really enjoyed it. Felt like I was playing as well as I used to back in the day or even better, even though this was the first time I have played the game in years.
The monitor supports AMD freesync, with a range of 48hz to 144hz. The freesync on makes a massive difference especially consider at 2K I am not getting close to the 144HZ that would get on 1080p to the extent that I could barely feel that the computer is taking a performance hit. I turned freesync off to see what happens and yes, I could see the odd stutter and missing blurry frames but it was not as bad as I thought. If your pc can perform close to that 144hz then
Firstly, this monitor is not Nvidia certified, neither do I have a Nvidia card to test Gsync with at the moment. I have heard from quite a few people that the results are somewhat of a mixed bag with a 50/50 outcome for success implementation and failure. In some games it works well, and others it does not work well at all. The simple reason for this is that I can assume when Nvidia does the certification they make the drivers work and sort the issues for the monitor. Unfortunately, as this is a South African brand, I don`t foresee Nvidia certifying the monitor anytime soon.

Gsync Updated: 

A few months after the review i decided to try out a Nvidia card with the system. I am happy to say that Gsync worked 100%. I had no issues with Nvidia cards with the monitor and it seemed to work really well. I have to note that you need to use display port cable for Gsync to work. Now don`t get me wrong, i am not saying the monitor will 100% for everyone as i had a couple complaints from guys saying they could not get Gsync to work. But it might be more do with the setup than the monitor. I can`t say for certian unfortunalty. 

So, it’s a bit difficult to give an accurate verdict. This is the first monitor of its calibre that I have used. All of my previous monitor experiences have mainly been 24” 144Hz and now recently the Dell S2419DHF with Freesync. I can easily go and say this monitor is a 10/10 as that was what I felt when using it. But I will try my best the give an accurate rating.
Design: 8.5
The design is great, but only issues that I can see bothering most people is the stand is not height adjustable and the OSD buttons that feel a little standard.
Performance: 9.5
The performance is great and for a monitor of its class I can`t see that there can be much improvement. The only thing that would be nice if Nvidia could certify the monitor, but if your pc is strong enough then you shouldn’t the Gsync in any way.
Price: 10
Simply the best gaming monitor at its price point
Features: 9
The monitor supports freesync and 144hz with a 2K resolution. Personally, for a gaming monitor that is all you need
Overall: 9.25/10
Overall, I feel like this is exceptional monitor as this price point. Sure, you can get monitors but not close to this price. It comes with a 2 year warranty. You can get yours here, best price in South Africa!
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