Mecer Xtreme 27″ Gaming Monitor 144HZ Freesync Monitor review:

In this review we will be looking at the 27” version for Mecer Xtreme Gaming Monitor.

Key features:

Screen Size:  27 Inches Flat Panel

Panel Type: TN

Resolution:  1440p or QHD (2560 x1440)

Refresh Rate: 144Hz

Grey to Grey Response Time: 3.5ms

Colors: 16.7M sRGB 95%

Sync: Freesync and Gsync

What’s in the Box:
Opening the box, we find all accessories on the side of the protective polystyrene covering the screen. Accessories in the box include a Display Port cable, HDMI Cable, Power supply and cable Monitor stand and booklets.

The Monitor:
The monitor features a very simplistic design, it would be a great fit for the office or at home. The monitor is plain black as well as the stand. The stand does have some red plastic accent on it to break away from all the back. The bezel is quite thin on the sides and top as most new monitors are these days so it will work well with multiple monitor setups.  

External Connections:

2  x HDMI 1.4

1 x HDMI 2.0

1 x Display Port 1.2

1 x Audio Connection

1 x Power Connection


To begin with, this is TN Panel. TN is an older technology and is not capable of producing the same colors than a new IPS panel. But TN has its advantages when it comes to refresh rate and so on. I watched some 4K nature videos on youtube. I am impressed with the monitor’s color production. Its very good for a TN panel. Sure, the 32inch VA panel does a better job but its minor to say the least. Only difference I could notice is the colors were slightly darker on the 27inch panel.


The On-screen display comes up with a black and red box. Had to go through a few settings to get the monitor set to 144hz and with freesync on. I also changed the noise reduction and response time to middle. There are a few options in the OSD that I was not able to explore. One of the main ones would be to connect to two PC`s to the same monitor. I am not sure how well this works but it does cut the monitors in half so the resolution will look  little strange.

Gaming is probably the main selling point for these monitors. From a gaming stand point the monitor does a great job. I can see people playing fast paced FPS and action games loving this monitor. Games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Fortnite and CSGO will be a dream on this monitor.

The Division 2: I started the game and ran directly for gun fights. The main aim was to try and put the screen to test and move as quickly as possibly with as much happening as possible to see if I can notice tearing or missing frames. I am glad to report that I was not able to see any differences. Sure, there have been some frame drops as the game is quite hardware intensive but screen performed well with no issues to report.

Battlefield 3 and 4: My aim with these two games was to see what advantages the high refresh rate has to me. I have to add I had to play on EU based servers as there is just no local players available for these games anymore. I was able to run and gun with ease, seeing enemies quickly and clearly, to the point that it hardly felt the 200ms+ ping made the game harder. I can highly recommend this monitor for competitive players.

Freesync range for this monitor is 48hz to 144hz. I was not able to test Freesync as I had a nvidia card at the time and could only use GSYNC, but they work very similar on the monitor so a freesync should have the same experience as GSYNC.

Firstly, the monitor is not GSYNC certified by Nvidia. This means that your experience might not be as good as certified monitors. I did test the GSYNC with the monitor and it worked great. GSYNC was enabled as soon as I enabled Freesync on the monitor. I used the Nvidia Pendulum to test and it worked fine with GSYNC on. GSYNC made the framerate constant and never felt like that game was lagging or I could not see some things going on. One thing I have to note is that you have to use Display Port for Gsync and as well for best experiences with Freesync.

Final thoughts on the monitor, yes, it is a great monitor. It has it’s disadvantages of having a TN panel so the color is not as great but the panel can keep up with the high refresh rate and gsync. Certainly, the monitor does what is advertised to do and it’s cheaper that most similar 27” gaming monitors.

Design: 8
The design is simple and simplistic. It’s less ostentatious like some of the higher end monitors on the market which might suite some people but then again there is massive RGB flashy craze at the moment.  

Performance: 8
Simply put the monitor does what it says it does. I can`t really fault the performance but it was also not the best I have ever seen. Would have been nice if it was a VA panel similar to the 32” for some better color. But other than color the monitor performs really well.

Price: 7
I still feel its little too close to the 32”. I feel that most people tend to spend a little more and get the 32” rather.

Features: 9
QHD, 144HZ refresh Rate, Freesync/Gsync. The main items required for a gaming monitor in today’s day and age, and the monitor uses the features very well!

Overall: 8/10
This is good monitor. There is nothing bad I could find about the monitor other than the simple design and performance wise it does what it says it does. At the end of day if you had to make a choice between the 32” and the 27” the choice will up your budget and desktop space.