Ubiquiti AirFiberX 11GHz PtP Radio


Ubiquiti’s AF-11FX radio is purpose-built for outdoor PtP bridging and carrier-class network backhauls using the licensed 11 GHz radio band. Ubiquiti’s INVICTUS™ 2 custom silicon and proprietary radio architecture are designed specifically for long-distance, outdoor wireless applications, providing superior performance, long-range capability, and higher delivered throughput.
The airFiber AF-11FX can use single (SISO) or bonded (MIMO) channels, depending on your specific licensing requirements. The AF-11FX also features different channel widths to suit your deployment needs, and you can independently configure TX and RX channel frequencies.

The AF-11FX features a unique modular duplexer design to suit multiple frequency configurations. Each AF-11FX radio can be configured to support any allowable frequency by simply changing the duplexers for high‑band or low‑band use in the 10.7 – 11.7 GHz allocation. Each duplexer has a low channel and a high channel that can be configured by simply reversing the position of the duplexer.

Please note that this Airfiber model does not include any duplexers

For more information regarding 11GHz spectrum license please email info@rockinit.co.za

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Manufacturer Product Code AF-11FX
Manufacturer Ubiquiti
Specifications RF Connectors (4) SMA Weatherproof: TX 0, RX 0 (Chain 0) and TX 1, RX 1 (Chain 1), (2) N-Type Waterproof, One per Duplexer
Power Supply: 50VDC, 1.2A PoE Gigabit Adapter (Included)
Power Method: Passive Power over Ethernet, Pins 1, 2, 4, 5 (+) and Pins 7, 8, 3, 6 (-) or DC Power Block
Max. Power Consumption: 36W
Supported Voltage Range: 38-56VDC
Mounting: Integrated Pole Mount Included, Oversized Rocket Mount Compatible
Operating Temperature: -40 to 55° C
– (8) Status LEDs:
– Data Port Link/Activity
– Management Port Link/Activity
– MIMO Mode
– RF Link
Networking Interface
Data Port: (1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
Management Port: (1) 10/100 Ethernet Port

Processor: INVICTUS 2 IC
Maximum Throughput: 1.2+ Gbps*
Maximum Range: 300+ km*
Encryption: 128-bit AES
OS: airOS® F
Wireless Modes: SISO/MIMO
* Throughput and range values may vary depending on the environmental conditions

Frequency Range: 10.7-11.7 GHz*
Max. Conducted TX Power: 30 dBm* (Dependent on Regulatory Region)
Frequency Accuracy: ± 2.0 ppm
Channel Bandwidth: 3.5/5/7/10/14/20/28/30/40/50/56 MHz Selectable*
GHz Throughput: 1.2+ Gbps
* Vary according to country/region regulations
Range: 300+ km

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