Refurbised Items FAQ

  1. All Refurbised items are tested by Rockin IT
  2. Some items may still carry manufactor warranty, we will notify you about this.
  3. We will provide 7 day warranty to items that don`t have manufactur warranty.
  4. Some items will have orginal packaging and some won`t . We will ensure that all items are packged securely for shipping.
  5. Refurbised items can be shipped 2-5 days for setup and final testing. 


Returns Procedure: 

  1. You will need to send the item back to us. 
  2. Once we have received the items we will inspect the items. 
  3. Only items returned in orginal condition will be refunded. 
  4. Any psychical damage on the item will forfeit your refund. 


Items with Warranty: 

  1. We will nofity you about the warranty.
  2. We can assist sorting out warranty claims in the peroid specified. We do not provide the warranty and can`t be held laible if the supplier does not honor the warranty for whatever reason.